We Offer Services Primarily to Small Businesses, and Small Organizations, Including Non Profit Organizations, at Affordable Prices!



Our services:

  • Content based website designs, that can easily scale and be managedthrough one of the various popular open source content management systems (CMS), Drupal,Joomla, and WordPress. A content management system allows for a quicker
    turn aroundformost projects, and provides an interface for management of content. The benefits of using acontent management system are inthe variety of plug-in components that are available (both free and paid versions), that can provide fast turn around for content updates, and common tasks such as social integration, event calendars, embedded video, photo albums etc.
  • We provide graphics for logos, brochures, letterhead, business cards, fliers, banners, print ads, news letters, posters, website graphics and more.
  • We provide a free requirements analysis meeting to discuss the needs for your project, as well as a free estimate of the work involved, with absolutely no obligation.
  • We can also work with you on the branding and Copywrite of your business, including business communication materials, as well as logo design concepts that match your business message.
  • We can help you setup the infrastructure for an on line store, where you learn the system and begin to manage it yourself. Our most supported shopping cart is Zencart. Zencart software is free, but they provide a training course on DVD for nearly 16-1/2 hours of training materials for approximately $120.00 to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to support your new on line store. It’s of course recommended that every shop owner, get trained properly in the system they are going to be using to support their on line business, and zencart is a good and affordable choice. We setup a non secure test platform for FREE, so you can try this out to make sure you can handle the work involved in running an on line store, without having to commit to the major expense of setting up the security and running a real store initially.
  • We setup the security such as SSL and payment methods such as paypal and authorize.net, which is used primarily for the on line shopping experience. Every shopping cart needs a payment service for authorizing credit cards on line, and authorize.net is an excellent choice. Authorize.net allows not only the on line payment methods, but with your account, you can also expand into a mobile payment method solution, as well as point of sale solutions. We help you decide which methods of payment are right for your small business, and then implement those solutions for you, so you can focus on running your business, without worrying so much about technical issues.
  • We do the work of either transferring your current host to our host, or evaluating if we can use your existing host. Our host services are cheap and reliable through companies like hostgater.com or godaddy.com. Prices range somewhere between $3-7 dollars per month and an annual fee of around $30.00 for the domain name (Prices may vary, and discounts are subject to the number of years paid up front). If you already have a domain name, there is no new charge regarding to domain. This service is FREE with the purchase of a website!
  • Other advanced services are negotiated as needed, such as 3d renderings, or other more advanced features such as flash video. Since we are a small company at the moment, we are not fully supporting full custom video productions, where we create the full solution ourselves for video, but we do use pre-made third party after effects video production templates, to created things like video introductions and ads on your website using flash video etc. If a project requires more advanced features, we can discuss your options through our evaluation process, and might recommend a third party in those cases, but for most projects that a small business requires, we have solutions that can meet your needs, and will keep the costs down. 3d renderings are on a request by request basis, and billed separately because of the time involved with those sorts of projects. We can again use third party 3d components if needed to expedite your project. It is advised to expect more time on projects that require things like video or 3d animation or still-shots, but we keep you informed of the progress every step of the way, so you know what to expect.


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